Beckermet with Thornhill Parish Council, Cumbria.Beckermet with Thornhill Parish Council, Cumbria.
Beckermet with Thornhill Parish Council Home Page.

From June 2012 Beckermet Parish Council became Beckermet with Thornhill Parish Council. This will reflect both significant communities within the parish. The new name was gradually introduced through 2012 to minimise costs to our parishioners.

Beckermet and Thornhill are located on the western edge of the Lake District, in Cumbria.

The parish of Beckermet was created in April 2011, incorporating elements of the old Beckermet St. Johns and Beckermet St. Bridget's parishes. The parish comprises the villages of Beckermet and Thornhill.

This web site primarily exists to inform the residents and interested visitors of the Parish council activities.

It also contains other pages relating to to the parish from other sources.

The website was founded in October 2011, and development is continuing.

The following document is an insight to the history leading to the formation of the new parish.

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If you would like to get involved in the running of your Parish then please come along to one of our meetings or contact our Parish Clerk for details of what being a Parish Councillor involves.

Please direct any question, comments or suggestions about the website to the website coordinator