Beckermet with Thornhill Parish Council, Cumbria.Beckermet with Thornhill Parish Council, Cumbria.

Recent Meetings and Meeting Schedule

Parish Council meetings are held regularly. They are held within the parish, and are open to the public. Indeed, public attendance is welcomed.

Meetings are normally held on Wednesdays, usually the third Wednesday of the month. Meetings are not scheduled for August.

If the meeting is to be held online, a link to the meeting will be posted on the Parish Notices page to enable public participation. You may have to download a proprietry App for your PC/laptop/tablet/phone to be able to participate.

The format of the meetings are structured, and offer councilors and members of the public an opportunity to express their opinions within that structure.

Dates, times and locations of meetings, together with minutes of past meetings, will be published here, as well as on the parish notice boards. Meetings commence at 19:00 (7pm), unless otherwise stated.

To view the meetings archive, click on the Meetings archive tab, to return to the current meetings, click here.

Agendas & Minutes
Date of Meeting Location Agenda Minutes Actions
20th January 2021 OnlineViewView
17th February 2021 OnlineViewView
17th March 2021 OnlineViewView
21st April 2021 Annual Parish Meeting 18:30 startOnlineView
21st April 2021 OnlineView
19th May 2021 Annual Parish Council Meeting 18:30 startThornhill Social ClubView
19th May 2021 Thornhill Social ClubView
23rd June 2021 Beckermet Reading RoomsViewView
16th July 2021 ECM 18:30 startBeckermet Reading RoomsViewView
21st July 2021Cancelled
15th September 2021 Thornhill Social ClubViewView
20th October 2021Cancelled
17th November 2021 Beckermet Reading RoomsViewView
15th December 2021Cancelled - Meeting not quorateView
19th January 2022 Thornhill Social ClubViewView
16th February 2022 Beckermet Reading RoomsViewView
16th March 2022 Thornhill Social ClubViewView
20th April 2022 Annual Parish Meeting 18:30 startBeckermet Reading RoomsViewView
20th April 2022 Beckermet Reading RoomsViewView
18th May 2022 Annual Parish Council Meeting 18:30 startThornhill Social ClubView
18th May 2022 Thornhill Social ClubViewViewView
14th June 2022 Beckermet Reading RoomsViewViewView
20th July 2022 Thornhill Social ClubViewView
20th September 2022 Beckermet Reading Rooms
19th October 2022 Thornhill Social Club
15th November 2022 Beckermet Reading Rooms
21st December 2022 Thornhill Social Club