Beckermet with Thornhill Parish Council, Cumbria.Beckermet with Thornhill Parish Council, Cumbria.
Parish Council Operation.
Current Council Code of Conduct, Standing Orders, Policies etc.
Code of Conduct
Standing Orders
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The Parish Council forms a corporate body with a legal existence separate from that of its members. It is accountable to the electorate and it can be taken to court: as a body, it is responsible for its actions. 

The Parish council consists of elected members, co-opted members (if any) and a Parish Clerk. The current establishment is 12 councillors. There are currently 6 members, and 6 vacancies.

The Parish Clerk is the Council’s Proper Officer: this means that the clerk is not similar to a secretary simply taking the minutes at meetings, dealing with correspondence and archiving documents. The Clerk is a qualified officer providing both professional advice concerning the laws of governance and administrative support to the Council. Answerable only to the Parish Council as a whole, the Clerk takes action to implement council decisions and acts as its finance administrator.

The normal running of the parish council takes place within bounds defined by a Parish Code of Conduct and Standing Orders.

Financial matters operate under the parish council Financial Regulations.

Current documents pertaining to the Council's operations are tabled above. You can download them as a PDF by following the links. The annual Governance Report can be viewed by opening the Audit Report link for the appropriate year on the finances page.