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26th November 2018

Mill Lane Playing Field - Dog Ban:

We have received a number of pleas from Beckermet residents asking us to reconsider our decision to ban dogs from the above. We therefore discussed the issue again at the November meeting, noting that the main concern for these residents is the lack of safe places/pavements to walk dogs in the village; particularly when children accompany the dogs.  As previously noted, we know that a small minority of dog owners are responsible for the dog muck left behind in the field, but it remains a serious concern because of the potential harm to children playing there. However, in light of the pleas received we have decided to postpone the ban while we monitor the situation.  Several members of the PC have volunteered to check the field as often as practicable to see whether muck is still being left behind.  If the field remains clear of muck, we will not have to impose the ban. We will not be clearing up any muck; we will simply be monitoring the situation. Please be prepared for the fact that we will have no choice but to ban dogs, even though the majority of owners do clear up, if muck continues to be left on the field. We will revisit the issue during a meeting in the early spring.


As a final point, please be aware that Copeland Borough Council are in the process of reviewing Public Space Protection Orders which includes dog bans etc. Mill Field Play Area is likely to be included in this, so we will inform you all if and when a decision is made.

In the meantime, we would be grateful if you could bring this notice to the attention of anybody you feel might not otherwise see it.
Kind regards
Beckermet with Thornhill Parish Council
November 2018


4th July 2018

Thornhill Football Club changing rooms extension


Thornhill village run two senior football teams - Thornhill Football Club (TFC) who have represented the village for many years, and a relatively  new team - Thornhill Social Football Club (TSFC).

With the formation of the additional team (TSFC) it soon became apparent that the limited storage space within the changing rooms building (owned by the Parish Council) was going to be a problem, in that all the necessary equipment associated with match fixtures was not going to fit in the available space. This resulted in managers / players resorting to storing equipment  in their own garages / homes, and then having to cart the said items to the field on match days.

Initially TSFC floated ideas of a an ISO Freight container or wooden shed for storage purposes within the  confines of the playing field. However it was thought such structures would perhaps not be in keeping with the area.

In early 2017 a meeting was arranged between the football teams and some Thornhill based  Parish Councillors.  A former resident of Thornhill, Martin Hogg of MH architectural design, was also invited. The purpose of the meeting was to try and decide what, in conjunction with the Parish Council, the football teams would like in terms of storage space.  It was suggested that perhaps a purpose built modest extension to the existing changing rooms would be ideal.

Martin, a qualified architect agreed to  produce some initial  drawings for comment. These were subsequently agreed with some minor amendments, and the proposal was put to the Council.  The Council agreed in principle to the idea, and asked the football teams to develop the plans along with a Councillor.

Anyway to cut a long story short, Planning Permission and Building control approval were obtained, then some local reputable builders were asked to quote for the works.  Quotes were obtained and a grant application was lodged with Copeland Community Fund (CCF).

The grant application was successful and we have just heard news from our building contractor that they are planning to start the extension this week.

27th June 2018

Grants and Donations from the Parish Council

On a fairly regular basis, the Council awards grants or donations where we think that an event or project helps the well-being of our villages.

We are pleased to record that we have just given £1400 to the Beckermet nursery; towards the cost of essential work in its kitchen.

We have also given £375 towards the cost of a ‘fun day’ in Thornhill.

We have pledged to spend a substantial amount of money on a project to extend the changeroom at the Thornhill football clubs, and £1000 on items to commemorate the centenary of the First World War armistice.

14th June 2018

The Great Cumbrian Litter Pick  6th July

The Parish Council has been informed of this event.  If you would like to take part, then please follow the links below:

Email from Copeland.

Poster from Friends of the Lake District.

14th June 2018

Fire Hazards – Chinese Lanterns

Following recent fires within and close to our Parish, we would like to remind you of some of the hazards surrounding the popular Chinese Lantern. Please follow this link for further information

4th April 2018

Reay's Bus service 20 and 21

The Parish Council has been advised of changes to Reay's services in the Whitehaven area from the 28th May.

From that week the whole of the Saturday service will be withdrawn.

The Monday to Friday timetable on these routes is unchanged.

A Saturday service will continue to be provided to Frizington via Cleator Moor, and to Thornhill via Egremont and Bigrigg on the Stagecoach service 31/31H and 30/X30, which also continue to operate on Monday to Friday, and the 30 also on Sunday.

2nd April 2018

Black Beck & River Ehen

The Parish Council has been advised that the banks of the River Ehen and Black Beck need to be protected to avoid erosion, particularly by cattle.

Consequently the Authorities will be accessing them to fence off the rivers.

Consultations regarding the work are currently under way and being carried out by the West Cumbria Rivers Trust and G L Hearn (agents for the Moorside Development). There may be some disturbance in the village.

We have been told that the relevant landowners have been consulted and the rights of way looked at.

19th March 2018

Parish Council Precept

The Parish Council has not asked for any increase in the precept for the year commencing 1st April 2018, and it is basically the same as last year. To most households in Thornhill this represents about 31p per week paid towards the Parish Council activities. Because of Council Tax banding, most households in Beckermet will pay a little more and this will probably equate to about 34p per week.

A reminder to parishioners of some of the things the Parish Council do:

Represent the Parish Views (as best they can) on various issues and consultations; Ensure the grass is cut at various locations throughout the Parish during the growing season; Maintain and where possible improve play equipment in the three playgrounds at Beckermet and Thornhill; Maintain a large playing area at Thornhill; Consider grant applications from organisations within the Parish.

Some improvements made last year include the Construction of a car parking area at the Playing Field off Wodow Road, Thornhill. This was a direct result of concerns and complaints made to the Parish Council about irresponsible parking on football match days, near the aged persons bungalows at the entrance to the Playing field. Picnic tables have also been provided at the School Green Play area, Beckermet, along with a new bench seat. Some work is still required to install plinths for the tables and bench, but this work should be completed shortly. Picnic tables have also been provided in the play area at The Crescent, Thornhill.

There are vacancies for Parish Councillors – please come along to one of our meetings if you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor. Its your opportunity to put something back into the Parish.

22nd February 2018

CBC Kerbside waste collection is changing.

The Parish Council have received the following information from Copeland Borough Council:

On April 16, we will be launching our new kerbside recycling service in which we collect five items ‐ paper, card, plastic, metal and glass ‐ from residents' homes. All those who receive our current black box service will receive our new service. Homes will be issued with three boxes (one for glass, one for paper, and one for mixed plastic/metal) and a weighted bag for cardboard. Lids/covers will be available to purchase from venues yet to be confirmed.

There is a CBC Booklet to explain what will and will not be collected.

5th December 2017

CCC Consultation on proposed access changes to Beckermet Roads.

Just a reminder to everyone that time is running out to send your comments to CCC on their proposals to restrict access on Morass Road and Nursery Road. The closing date for the Consultation is 15 December. Please send in your comments for CCC to consider when making their final recommendation to their Copeland Local committee on the way forward.

28th November 2017

Sellafield exercise on 6th December 2017 during silent hours.

Sellafield Limited have told the Parish Council that they will be having an exercise on 6th December 2017 during silent hours. The site siren will be sounded and the telephone alert system will be used. Sellafield have advised us that they have taken note of feedback from the last out of hours exercise and they will endeavour to activate both of the systems before 9.30pm.

24th November 2017

Sellafield firearms training exercise 25/26th November daylight hours.

Training exercises will be carried out on site, Beckermet residents may be aware of some noise.

17th November 2017

Copeland Community Traffic Group (CCTG) Nominations for Chairperson.

Outline of CCTG aims.

7th November 2017

Beckermet Roads: Morass Road and Nursery Road Experimental Traffic Regulation Order.

All Beckermet villagers should have received a letter from Cumbria County Council regarding the temporary partial closure of Morass Road and Nursery Road.

You are invited to submit your opinions/objections/suggestions to this proposal to Cumbria County Council by Friday 15th December.

Submissions can be made by post to: Cumbria County Council, Cumbria Highways, Joseph Noble Road, Lillyhall, Workington, CA14 4JH
or by e-mail to:

4th November 2017

NuGen sponsored road repairs in Beckermet now rescheduled to start 13th November.

Repairs to Old Church Road

22nd October 2017

Beckermet Roads - what happens next.

Notes on further consultations.

3rd October 2017

Beckermet Roads - Experimental Traffic Regulation Order.

This proposal was discussed and agreed at Cumbria County Council's Local Committee on October 3. As a result, there will be a legal consultation about road access to Beckermet. It is expected that the outcome would be discussed by the committee in the New Year.

7th August 2017

Beckermet Conservation Area - The Parish Council's response.

A consultation is running until August 18, about possibly tightening the requirements in Copeland's conservation areas.

It can be found at:

Beckermet with Thornhill Parish Council is submitting the following response.

24th July 2017

Thornhill Play Area Closure

The Parish Council has decided to close the Thornhill Play area on safety grounds until the damaged "wet pour" areas can be repaired.

View notice

20th July 2017

Dead tree removal, Beckermet School Green

Recently two trees were taken down in the School Green Area at Beckermet by Copeland Borough Council's Open spaces team. One of the trees had been deemed as a potential risk to the public from falling, and although only a relatively small tree, action was taken to remove the danger. This tree was immediately adjacent to the School Green Play area and was affected by canker.

Whilst there, the team discovered another dying tree on the opposite side of the beck to the Play Area and this was also removed.

This tree was diagnosed as being affected by Phytophora which is described by the open spaces officer as a "pretty serious disease;" and her advice is for anyone with trees within their property and living close to School Green should be checking their trees for this disease.

14th July 2017

Beckermet Conservation Area Consultation

A consultation drop-in session will be held in the Reading Rooms between 5:30pm and 6:30pm on Friday July 19th.

View poster

17th June 2017

Beckermet "rat-run" road closures

Cumbria County Council Roads Committee has deferred its consideration of the roads in Beckermet until October 3. The Parish Council is expecting to be present at this meeting to have our input. We do not believe that anything should be done in the meantime.