Beckermet with Thornhill Parish Council, Cumbria.Beckermet with Thornhill Parish Council, Cumbria.
Parish Website News.
February 2022

Bug fixes and modifications to ensure compatibility with PHP v8

February 2021

Additional work on the menus to assist mobile users navigate the site.

January 2021

Asset Map updated, a Maintenance map created and a map showing footpaths in the Parish added.

Site banner reduced in size to provide more readable page area and pages now centered on wide screens.

February 2019

Community Led Plan page added to the Community section.

April/May 2018

Website being substantially re-written using PHP server side scripting language for greater flexibility and simpler management.

21 July 2016

NuGen sub menu replaced by Moorside. It now shows the major Parish Council responses to NuGen.

15 March 2016

Website now tablet and smartphone friendly. There are a few restricions but the majority of the site is now compatible with small screen sizes.

23 February 2015

Parish Notices page added to Parish Council section to list general notices, requests to tender etc.

17 January 2014

Playground section added to Parish News.

04-12 January 2014

Major revamp to use javascript to write common sections of code. Will ease site maintenance.

Some transitions and animation added, unfortunately not available to all browsers.

23 November 2013

New page for the new playground equipment and opening ceremony

03 June 2013

Brand new website introduced.

20 April 2013

Updates to the Parish Council pages, revised menu, policies updates etc.

03 April 2013

Updates to MRWS, NuGen and Pylons pages and new page on Consultations

28th March 2013

Tabbed Navbar introduced for Parish News, BVA and NuGen sections to improve site navigation.

26th March 2013

New local information page with links to local agencies and services plus weather, traffic and flood reports.

13th February 2013

Major website upgrade in order to take the site forward for the future.

20th July 2012

To comply with the Government Localism regulations, several documents have been added or updated in the parish council operations section.

Areas have been established for the W.I., Craft & Natter group and the Beckermet History Society.

1st July 2012

Change of Parish name added, though site URL and site name remains unchanged.

Grants and donations section added, policy and claim form for donations.

24th May 2012

A Local Events section has been added to the main page. This is to publicise events that may be of interest to residents and visitors.

If you have an event that is relevant to Beckermet and Thornhill, please let us know and we will include it if appropriate. Email the parish council here.

A Cookie Policy section has also been added. This is a legal requirement, and explains our policy regarding the management of any data we collect from visitors to this site.

Unattributable content will not be published on the website. Any submission for inclusion must include the submitters name and address. This information may not appear on the website should the submitter request this, and the editor agree.