23rd January 2019

NuGeneration Limited (In Liquidation)

NuGeneration Limited (Registered Number: 06829771) was placed into Members’ Voluntary (Solvent) Liquidation on 23rd January 2019, when Stephen Roland Browne (IP No. 009281) and Ian Harvey Dean (IP No. 009462) both of Deloitte LLP, 1 New Street Square, London EC4A 3HQ were appointed Joint liquidators. 

 For further details please contact Lara Rosenbloom on 020 7303 5813 or lrosenbloom@deloitte.co.uk.

 Registered address: 7th Floor, 3 Piccadilly Place, Manchester, M1 3BN


Everyone at NuGen would like to thank its partners, its shareholder Toshiba, and the west Cumbrian community in particular for their help and support over the last eight years. We share in their regret and disappointment that the Moorside Project is unable to continue in its current form.

We very much hope that the Moorside Project can be restored by other developers so that Cumbria, and the UK can realise the benefits that safe, secure, low carbon nuclear energy can provide.



19th January 2019

Final meeting with NuGEN.

The Parish Council has had a final meeting with NuGEN, who hope to finish restoration of the Moorside site by the end of January.  The water treatment building is to be demolished, the remainder of the 161 boreholes capped, and the area around the picnic table made good.  A section of the plastic drainage pipe will remain.  NuGEN should have no employees by the end of February.


18th November 2018

NuGen update.

The Parish Council was one of 3 that met NuGEN recently to receive updated information.

It appears that as a result of major difficulties in the Company, Toshiba had to take substantial action at its Board Meeting of November 8.  This would result in 7000 redundancies worldwide.  The Moorside decision was just a part of this.

The Moorside land and tenancies have now been returned to the NDA.  The site will be finished by capping the 160 boreholes between Nov 21 and Christmas; by demolition of the water treatment plant; and by removal of drainage pipework from November 26.

Then, Toshiba will have no further business at the site or regarding its future.



8th November 2018

Toshiba to take steps to wind up NuGen

Today, Toshiba reported to the Tokyo stock exchange that it was winding up NuGEN, and thus ending the Moorside project. It would seem that they are writing off the costs that they have incurred.

They had indicated to us that this would happen, if there was no reasonable chance of selling up by the end of this year. It will just be necessary to tidy up the site over a 3 month period.

At the outset, 10 years ago, the Parish Council supported the project, judging that the majority of villagers felt that way; many had contacts with the nuclear industry.

However, there had been a steady trickle of people saying that they no longer supported the company, particularly as it had not made anything available to deal with 4 major concerns expressed locally.

Toshiba Press Release

4th November 2017

NuGen sponsored road repairs in Beckermet now rescheduled to start 13th November.

Repairs to Old Church Road

9th October 2017

NuGen Consultation

NuGEN have decided not to complete their Consultation Report at this stage, but have posted an interim response with some appendices. They are confident of restarting their work in the New Year, as they expect to announce a buyer.