Beckermet with Thornhill Parish Council, Cumbria.Beckermet with Thornhill Parish Council, Cumbria.
This page concerns the proposes power distribution consultation for connecting the proposed Fell view Nuclear generator (now Moorside) to the National Grid.
Present 132KV lines at Beckermet

This is of importance to our parish. This is a third major project effecting us, and will consist of two 440KV cable runs, either underground or on large pylons or a combination of both. This is a major project, with cost estimates of between £500 million and £3.6 billion.

It has the potential to cause environmental problems, visually, with noise and to the countryside.

Possible routes are from the Sellafield area north to the Carlisle area, and/or south to the Morcambe area.

May 2018

The project to transmit electricity from a new nuclear plant at Moorside is proposing to have two routes. One is to the north at Carlisle; the other to the south at Lancaster.

Because of delays to the development at Moorside, this pylon project has been paused until the outcome at Moorside becomes known. Once the Moorside situation is clarified, the transmission project would be progressed.

July 2013

Owing to extended discussions regarding the south route, an accurate north route plan has been delayed till the autumn.

March 2013

NWGC are now looking at the implications of installing one route to the north (to Carlisle), and one to the south (to Preston). In total, 180 parishes could be involved.

The pylons will be of height 45 metres, compared with the existing 25 metres; so we are particularly interested to know how the northern cables will cross our parish-and what would be the consequences.

The draft route should be accurately known in the summer, when detailed consultation will take place. NWGC have indicated that about 60 discussion-sessions could be arranged, and we will seek to have one close to Beckermet. The final route is due to be published at Christmas.

Pre July 2012

We would urge you to read the paper below, and let us know your views and preferences by email to the Parish Council .

A consultation paper was recently issued, which can be found Here.

Last year a competition was held to improve the design of electricity pylons. The following link will give you some indication of what any pylons might look like - winning pylon.

The Parish Council submitted a submission to the proposals on 28th June 2012. The submission can be seen here.

This phase of the consultation closed on 19th July 2012.

Stage 2 of the consultation will now commence.