Beckermet with Thornhill Parish Council, Cumbria.Beckermet with Thornhill Parish Council, Cumbria.

The Parish Council are responsible for grass cutting of some areas which they own within the Parish, however, in order to try and keep the Parish tidy, they do on occasions, cut and tidy area's not owned by them to maintain the amenity value of the Villages.

The following is a list of these maintenance responsibilities.

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Parish maintenance
Task No. Activity Location Notes
1 Grass cutting: Grass verge Beckermet, Sellafield Road by Kirkbeck Drive 365 sq m approx in two sections
2 Grass cutting: Grass verge Beckermet, Opposite Croft House 35 sq m approx
3 Grass cutting: Play Area Beckermet, School Green Opp. The White Mare 2100 sq m approx
4 Grass cutting: Park Thornhill, Thornhill Park 1200 sq m approx
5 Grass cutting: Football pitch Beckermet, Mill Lane 2100 sq m approx
6 Grass cutting: Football field Thornhill, Wodow Road 9550 sq m approx
7 Grass cutting: Grass and shrub area Beckermet, Station Crescent 700 sq m approx
8 Grass cutting: Grass verge Beckermet, By seat, Morass Road 600 sq m appro