Beckermet with Thornhill Parish Council, Cumbria.Beckermet with Thornhill Parish Council, Cumbria.
Parish Councillors
Parish Councillors
Mrs. J. Nugent (Chair)Beckermet01946 841569
Mr. T. Barlow (Vice Chair)Beckermet01946 841525
Mr. S. CaddyThornhill01946 823053
Ms. K. CookBeckermet01946 841363
Mr. E. JewittBeckermet01946 841213
Mr. M. SlaterBeckermet01946 841254
Mrs. Tina ChurchParish Clerk & Financial Officer01946 823010 or 07508 222284Email

The Parish Council currently comprises of 6 councillors, with 6 vacancies.The maximum number of councillors - 12 - is based on the size of the parish. The Parish Clerk is appointed by the Parish Council.

Parish Councillors are all unsalaried, and receive no financial rewards for standing. The Parish Clerk is a salaried position. Contact details are available here and on the Parish Noticeboards.

The Parish Council may be contacted by post by writing to:

2 Coronation Terrace
High Walton
St. Bees
CA22 2TY

Council members are required by law to register any interest which is, or may appear to be, matierial to their council activities. This requirement is detailed, together with standards of conduct in the Parish Council Operations section.

Councillors are elected at a maximum of 5 yearly intervals. It is possible for vacancies to be filled by a new member being co-opted by a simple majority of councillor votes at a council meeting.

The last elections were held in May 2019, coinciding with the local council elections. Fewer candidates had registered than there were seats available for election, thus registered candidates were 'elected' by default. The remaining positions were filled by co-option after the election.