Cumbria Action describes a Community Led Plan in the following way:

  • It is led, driven and resourced through grass roots action.
  • The people working on Community Plans are volunteers, usually a mix of parish councillors and other local people.
  • It involves extensive community participation and engagement using techniques such as questionnaires, meetings, discussions and events.
  • It results in a credible action plan based on in-depth consultation.
  • The action plan produced sets out how local problems and issues can be tackled. This will include actions which the community can undertake alone, and actions which they need to address in partnership with local authorities or other agencies.

This page has a list of articles describing the progress towards the Community Led Plan for Beckermet.

21st February 2019

Community Led Plan (CLP) Update


We have now held two meetings of the CLP Steering Committee.  Progress has been made on a number of fronts, with one of the most important initiatives being to work closely with all groups in the village and in building stronger links between the Parish Council, BVA and CLP Steering Committee.


You will all be aware how valuable this newsletter is in communicating the news and events that occur in the village of Beckermet.  We hope to use the Beckermet Newsletter to set out our objectives and report back what the community has set as their priorities for its developments.  In the coming weeks we will be working on a questionnaire which, once compiled, will be taken door to door for everyone to be able to share their views.  The results will form the basis of the Community Led Plan, and its details will be the template for the Steering Committee’s actions.


It was agreed by the committee that while we work on the overall plan, we should take one of the challenges in the village and try to make an immediate improvement.  Within the village the isolation for residents without access to any transport, continues to be major problem.  So, we propose to put a voluntary transport scheme in place.  This will allow those residents who need transport for appointments outside the village, to find volunteers with a car and be taken to and from their appointment from their house in the village.  We believe we will be able to get funding to pay the costs for such a scheme.  We will, however, need a number of volunteers to offer their time.  To establish the need for such a scheme, could residents please put forward the names of any villagers who would benefit, by contacting ___________________ on ___________________.




Short term goals:            Set up voluntary resident transport scheme

                                      Set up Coffee/Post Office weekly meeting place

                                      Contact ACT for CLP funding


Medium term goals:       Create a CLP questionnaire

                                      Complete questionnaires by conducting house to house visits

                                      Complete CLP document


Long term goals:             Action priorities set in CLP document

                                      Maintain and improve the community


If anyone would like to get involved with the CLP Steering Committee, please contact Geoff Nugent on 01946 841569 or email